Revolutionising Education using Immersive Technologies

VR Town introduces educational Virtual Reality experiences to schools around the UK. Using the latest hardware and software, users are able to learn in new ways that add sentimental value in the classroom. VR Town has a reputation for introducing radical new technologies to the Education sector. Most schools we visit compliment us on how memorable the experiences are. What we offer to schools is exciting and refreshing to both students and teachers.

We specialise in 3D scanning local areas of interest and build learning experiences around that, designing from the ground up.

The director of VR Town, Charlie George, has been involved with Computer Graphics and Animation since his days as a teenager when he attended Abingdon and Whitney College. From here, he continued his artistic pursuits at The University of Creative Arts in Surrey, where he refined his artistic visions and technical skill-sets. Now, he is pushing the boundaries of current technologies by combining various techniques and software to create educational immersive experiences in Virtual Reality.