Churt Cricket Club



Thanks for choosing Sublenko. We hope upon considering our proposal we can kick off a great project to be proud of.

We make a point of not re-engineering the wheel where we don’t have to, we find simple solutions to complex challenges & place strong emphasis on crafting intuitive design.

Our rates are extremely competitive & our work awarded to the highest of certification.



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A few examples of our work. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Initial workshop

Meeting Notes

Churt Cricket Club require a professional up to date online presence. The current website no longer facilitates their needs or represents the club in a way which showcases the offerings available.

The reason for the update is amongst the team it was felt it didnt inspire or have any real feeling of vibrance enough to stand out amongst potential competition.


Questions that hit home to me from a design/user perspective

Q: From a business perspective what is the main objective of the website.
A: To gain great new players for the club. To showcase community not only for the player but every involved. This could be anything from bar facilities for audience all the way up to showcasing man of the match on facebook.


Project Costing


Logo Creation ( £350)

Number of iterations x3

Number of changes on chosen x3

Expected timeframe: 2 weeks

Colours & Typeface ( Brand Guidelines )

Total: £ 350

Initial discovery

The most costly logo is a cheap on. Even if it is for a prototype. This one single asset will the very visual a user will use to judge the quality of the offering.

No matter who you go with I would advise if you can to take build costs and push it into design for now.

I’ll leave the proposal as this for now. But id love to here about your business goals and where you see the revenue. Id love to be able to help you target that.