Worldwide Collaboration To Form Unity.

Our objective over time will be to create a social network built to host a platform of international debate all with a common goal to find solutions to problems and overall form unity by working together.

We aim to provide a stage where our voice in unity will create our news. What we see and what we read will be validated by a unified voice. Our strategic collaborative work - as the masses - will be larger in numbers than any.

Our message: Peaceful
Our result: Groundbreaking

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Featured Debates

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Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins in Conversation

Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins, two of the most respected minds in their respective fields, sit together on the CSICon stage to discuss science, religion, politics, and more. The Center for Inquiry is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. CFI's vision is a world in which evidence, science, and compassion-rather than superstition, pseudoscience, or prejudice-guide public policy.

Christopher Hitchens vs. Rabbi David Wolpe: The Great God Debate

"Anti-theist" writer Christopher Hitchens debates with Conservative Jewish leader Rabbi David J. Wolpe, moderated by WBUR's "On Point" Host Tom Ashbrook. Presented by Harvard Book Store. More lectures at http://forum-network.org This talk was taped on March 23, 2010.