Staff Feedback

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Paul Windust

“Darragh is one of the most enthusiastic and accomplished designers I have ever worked with. Infinitely patient with PM's asking him endless questions and a real believer in team work. A genuinely nice guy and always ready to help, would pencil him in at the top of my list for head of designer in my fantasy digital agency!”

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Vikki Barr

“Darragh has some amazing creative ideas and enthusiasm for the work he produces. He takes pride in his work and delivers amazing results giving our customers what they are looking for - he is not afraid to work closely with the client and make recommendations to get the best design created. Darragh is a loyal, respected colleague.”

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Cat Lines

“He holds a great team ethic which can be lacking with some department heads, and there was never a time I felt I could not ask for support. He is truly passionate about design, and that shows in his web work as well as his motivation for creating work outside of office hours, or on his own personal projects. I am very grateful for the support he has shown me during my 3+ years at 1minus1. I believe he would be an invaluable asset to any team and I genuinely hope that our paths cross in the future.”


Charlie Davies

“Darragh is a rare breed. Passionate, detailed and a smart thinker.All this with no ego and a personality that brings the office environment to life. His designs are hot and on point. He always leaves the client excited for their projects. he's a true asset to any company.”